All-family learning and co-working space

Parenthood is hectic! Today, parents are struggling between their careers and the freedom to spend time with their children. Many of them decide to stay home, start their own businesses, work as freelancers, or engage in other independent pursuits.

At Big & Tiny our mission is simple: to support and empower our vibrant community of parents so they can balance their personal and professional life.

We accomplish this, by creating an integrated space that accommodates both, the big and the tiny. We provide a variety of developmental and educational classes, which allow moms and dads to dedicate time to their personal and professional life, while their little ones have fun in an inspiring and educational setting. A dynamic place dened by a culture of fun, community and development.

At Big and Tiny our decisions are guided by strong values and principles. We are committed to providing a healthy and meaningful play experience for children. Therefore, we offer only safe, sustainable and responsibly made toys in our play-space, classroom and shop. Our products are made of materials that are as natural and organic as possible and are 100% free from pesticides and toxic chemicals. We value quality and everything we do is done with care and consideration. Because hygiene is a very important consideration to us, toys are washed daily to maintain cleanliness standards.

Big and Tiny was founded by working mom and entrepreneur Keltse. Mom of Valeria (9M) and Giuliana (3Y), she moved with her family from NYC to LA. Once in LA, she struggled (like many other parents) to find time to work on her own projects. She hired a nanny and realized that working from home with a toddler running around was rather challenging. Frustrated, she started doing some research about co-working spaces in the area.

She soon realized the undeniable need for a space designed with both, kids and parents in mind. After experiencing the limitations and shortcomings of the existing indoor playgrounds for kids in the area, Keltse set out to reinvent the concept of co-working and play space and decided to launch Big and Tiny.

With the vision to support and serve the local community of hands-on moms and dads with the same needs, Keltse created a unique educational space with a dedicated co-working area for parents that meets high standards for modern families. A place where parents can get work done or some much needed time off while the little ones have fun and learn. She sought to offer a variety of enrichment classes, seminars and events for both, the big and tiny.

Keltse combined her expertise as an entrepreneur and designer with her experience as a mother to devise an innovative concept: The coolest destination for the modern family.

9:00 AM.  –  5:00 PM.

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