Second Home, Hollywood

Big and Tiny at Second Home, Hollywood Program starts September 21st. With school moving online, kids need so much more than what virtual learning can offer; they need in person interaction with their friends and educators. Furthermore, parents need a space they can call work, a community to belong to and a safe space to be productive. 

That’s why we partnered with Second Home, an airy, spacious and stunning co-working space in the heart of Hollywood. Drop off your kids in of the Big and Tiny Kids Pod, before settling at one of the Second Home desks for hours of uninterrupted work. 

How it Works

Enjoy Second Home’s stunning facilities while we look after your little one! Kiddos 3M – 10Y will socialize with other students their age and participate in fun and educational activities led by our trusted and credentialed educators. There will also be designated time for homework help and of course plenty of imaginative and active play! 

Starting September 21st, Big and Tiny is offered every day from 9am – 5pm at Second Home and there are several plans to choose from to fit your childcare and work needs, please book your plan below. 

Safety First

Safety is one of our biggest priorities and these are the procedures we have put in place to keep your kids safe while having fun: 

Educators are required to wear masks at all times and practice social distancing 

Classes take place in a private separate areas. 

Small pods will be created according to age 

Hand sanitizing stations will be provided throughout the space and washing will take place regularly 

We will provide personalized materials for each child in a designated box, so materials are not shared