Silver Lake

Designed by Award Winning Zooco Studio, step away from the hustle and bustle of Sunset Avenue into a meaningfully designed studio aimed to boost creativity and featuring a magical universe for both, the Big and the Tiny.


Shared office space:
Pick any desk you like! The front desks allow full view of your little one, making the separation a lot easier; the back desks are silent and peaceful but just a short walk back to your kid(s). We have printers, scanners and phone chargers – everything you need to settle in for some good work.

Our dedicated infant nursery is a quiet space for babies to have a nap and rest.

Phone booth:
Make a business call in total privacy. With sound proof walls, you will be able to jump on any conference call without being bothered.

Conference room:
Book one of our conference rooms for a meeting or workshop. Hours are included in the membership after which it’s available for hire.

Meditation Pod:
Because meditation fuels productivity, calms the system and… a relaxed parent means a happy child!

Peloton Cube:
Set your goals and make one of the Peloton-streamed classes part of your weekly schedule.

Music Studio:
Come check out our new music space featuring different instruments for you to jam and recording equipment to lay down some tracks.

Our communal kitchen always has coffee brewing and is a natural meeting place for members, whether you prepare a bottle for your baby or helping yourself to a La Croix!


The Art Studio:
Built for exploring art, we encourage little ones to tap into their imagination and start exploring with colour and textures. Science and sensory activities are also a huge part of our program, we touch every sense so they discover the world in a fun interactive way. 

The Playroom:
The perfect place for children to embark on a magnificent adventure where they encounter unlimited potential for exploration, discovery and creation. Babies swing or practice crawling in the soft padded area, while toddlers climb, slide or jump into the ball pit. Explore our inspiring playhouse for imaginative play, build at the tegu wall, ride in a convertible (after all, this is LA).