8 tips on getting some work done during the holidays

By Big and Tiny Editor

Holidays are always the busiest season of the year. Family obligations, traveling, shopping and other activities can be overwhelming and challenging to keep track of.

Getting work done and being productive can be pretty difficult this time of the year. Studies suggest that work is one of the main reasons for holiday stress, centered around the work-family balance during the holidays.

Recommendations to increase productivity during the holidays:

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Finding time as a parent and composer

By Giovanni Piacentini – Member

I have always been very devoted to my passion of performing and writing music. Like any endeavor, you get what you give and the grander your aspirations and ambition are, the more time you need to dedicate yourself to whatever it is you love.

Before we had our first child, I took most of the free time I had for granted. I wasn’t “in a hurry” or with a constant to-do list on the back of my mind.

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