Meet our team

Anthony Archibold

“Mr Anthony”, originally from New York and Panama, moved to the sunny Coast to continue pursuing his passion in educating the little ones. With a bachelors in biology and a master’s degree in communication, he has worked in early childhood education for over 6 years. He’s been a preschool teacher and school director for the last few years. Anthony is our “Separation Expert” at Big and Tiny. “I adore being part of the process where grown up and child learn ow to independently exist and grow”, says. Outside teaching he also loves singing, dancing and modeling. 

Kearia Diggs "Key"

Kearia Diggs is a qualified educator of the arts and holds a BFA in Dance from Virginia Commonwealth University. A big believer in early childhood development within the arts, she supports a system that provides a variety of outlets for the youth to explore much of their creative side. 

Kearia Diggs is no estranger to early childhood development, having spent seven-plus years as an instructor and a mentor, where she promotes child’s growth and development. Besides being a teacher she loves dancing, reading and yoga.


Hui Qing Li

“Ching” has worked with children her whole life. From volunteering at Children’s Hospitals, working at preschools and working with children with special needs. She received her BA in Child Development and finds joy and fulfillment in working with little ones.

She shows dedication and commitment towards children of all ages and abilities. She loves being silly with children and isn’t afraid to get messy with them. In her downtime, she loves finding treasures at thrift shops, working out, traveling and trying out new food everywhere she goes.

Jessica Stromberg

“Miss Jessica” is a caring and loving person with a passion for children. She’s been working with children for the past 15 years and have been a teacher for the last 7 years. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development, she has studied different family dynamics, gaining information on how to best foster children’s growth . Jessica believes in teaching children though all their developmental stages and looking at each child as an individual. She has worked with children of all abilities and disabilities in order to understand how each child perceives the world. She respects and values children’s thoughts, feelings and creativity.  

9:00 AM.  –  5:00 PM.

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