Our Mission

Our mission is to help families find a work-life balance by providing education, co-working and community through interactive spaces for the big and the tiny. 

Having a family is awesome! But, of course, we all have one of THOSE days… Days when we realize our favorite pre-family hangouts (hotels, clubs, restaurants) are not as kid-friendly as we wish. Have you ever experienced a “melt-down” at one of your old go-to spots? We have, and it’s not fun! If we’re being honest, most of the kid-friendly spaces out there are not places we ever envisioned spending our time.

This is how the idea of Big and Tiny was born; out of the need for a cool spot for both kids and adults to enjoy. A place where families can grow in every aspect of their lives. A space to learn, share a meaningful conversation over a cup of coffee, make new friends or get some serious work done while your children are not only being cared for by professionals, but also engaged in learning.

Our Story

Originally from Spain, but having lived in several places around the globe, Founder of Big and Tiny, Keltse, settled in Los Angeles with her husband Giovanni (a musician extraordinaire), their 2 year old daughter Giuli and newborn Valeria. Ready to live their Californian adventure, they quickly realized it was hard for them to find a space where they could feel identified and fit in as both parents and individuals.

In addition, the “freelance” duo, struggled to find time for their passions as well as balancing their family-work lives. The idea of navigating the tough world of finding a nanny and a space to work without distractions ignited Keltse’s serial entrepreneurial drive to build Big and Tiny and support people in the same situation.

And of course, Big and Tiny had to have a music studio that Giovanni and his musician friends could all jam in!