Finding time as a parent and composer

Giovanni Piacentini.

I have always been very devoted to my passion of performing and writing music. Like any endeavor, you get what you give and the grander your aspirations and ambition are, the more time you need to dedicate yourself to whatever it is you love.

Being more efficient.

Before we had our first child, I took most of the free time I had for granted. I wasn’t “in a hurry” or with a constant to-do list on the back of my mind. With a few exceptions that demanded a certain level of responsibility, most of my free time was spent doing the things I loved most; traveling and playing the guitar or writing music. I would spend many hours listening to music, playing the guitar, sketching out my own first compositions without a time constraint or really much of a schedule at all.

Becoming more efficient.

Two kids later, I’ve had countless sleepless nights. I now have a sizable to-do list and much more pressure and yet, I’ve never been more efficient. At first, I didn’t realize that this enormous time vortex known as fatherhood would be a blessing in disguise for my career and my time management skills. You become more efficient because you have to, otherwise you wouldn’t have much of a life outside of your parenting duties. You realize that 6 or 7 hours of sleep is usually enough and that being very focused on a task for 45 minutes is way more effective than spending hours on it half heartedly.

If used wisely, this new “time constraint” that comes with being a parent is a great way to discipline yourself. You have much less time so you must lear how to use it more efficiently and that in turn makes for better results.

Efficiency Vs Abundance

You have much less time so you must learn how to use it more efficiently and that in turn makes for better results. I know realize what I could’t possible have understood back then. It’s not “how much” time you have but how you use it that counts. Efficiency of time vs. abundance of it. Try switching your mindset and crush your “to-do” list!

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