Make your own Turkey Puppet

Mr. Anthony makes a turkey puppet! 🦃

Gobble gobble! We got together with our friends @hellobello to make a special thanksgiving project. @mranthonyreads is back to show you how to make a friend to bring to the holiday table.

Brown and orange cardstock paper
3/4-inch circle punch
2 1/2-inch circle punch (optional)
Googly eyes
An object (like a pot or a coffee can) to draw a large circle
An object (like a cup) to draw a small circle

Cut out a 4-inch circle and two 2 1/2-inch circle from your brown cardstock paper. Also cut out a triangle beak from your orange cardstock paper.

Use your 3/4-inch circle punch to punch two holes in the bottom of your large circle. These are the finger holes for the puppet.

Add glue onto the bottom of the leaves and glue them around the top of the small circle for turkey feathers. Glue the second small circle on top of the first small circle.

Glue the smaller circle onto the larger circle for the turkey head. Finish your turkey finger puppet by gluing on the googly eyes and beak onto the turkey face.

Now your puppet is all ready for play. Simply put two fingers in the puppet holes and have some gobble, gobble turkey finger puppet fun!



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