Dr. Barbara Sturm on Work Life Balance

We held a skincare masterclass for Big and Tiny moms with Dr. Barbara Sturm – one of the most renowned skincare doctors in the world – who’s known for her anti inflammatory  philosophy and non-surgical anti aging skin treatments. Then we asked her some questions about what it’s like to balance business with being a mom! Here’s what we learned… 

Q: What’s your favorite part of being a mom?

Seeing my children grow up is the most exciting part of my life. Getting cuddles and love and being able to give motherly love and cuddles. Shaping children is the greatest responsibility and my biggest passion and the most fantastic thing.

Q: How do you balance parenting and running a business are there any work/life balance hacks?

There’s not really a balance because when you’re with your children you feel like you should be working and when you’re working you feel like you should be with your children. You always feel a little guilty but that’s just part of being a working mother.  I think this will never change. But kids that get to grow up seeing their mother working also motivates them and gives them an idea of what they want to achieve in their lives. Charly once wrote an essay for school about who her idol was, and she said that mom was her idol and that was such a wonderful thing to hear. She has always been by my side and a part of my work life too and she has always embraced it and never been upset about it. It’s important to give kids quality time over being with them 24/7. 

Q: What are your top skincare tips and tricks?

Get enough sleep, stay away from unhealthy food and cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. Try to take time for your skin, using anti-inflammatory skincare treatments and products (like Dr. Sturm). I think less is more but it’s important to make sure you have the best products, like an amazing face cream and hyaluronic serum and then you’ve done a lot for your skin without spending an hour in the bathroom. Also be careful with what you do with your newborn kids. Don’t expose them to fragrances and bubble baths even though this may be fun for them, because this can cause eczema and skin problems later on. I always bathed Pepper in milk baths and used only my BABY & KIDS Line which contains the best soothing ingredients that are just good for the skin. 

What are your top parenting tips and tricks?

Trust your children. I always taught Charly to tell me everything because I know how to fix things instead of making my kids scared of coming to me if they did something wrong. I never got upset at them for making a mistake and always encouraged them to be open and talk to me about everything. I encouraged them to make their own paths and gave them my trust and opportunities while always letting them be who they are. 

Q: What are some of your favorite activities that you and your kids share?

My favorite activity for sure is cuddling! Pepper, who is six, loves to play catch, hide and seek and Uno and loves skiing and swimming – mommy’s up for anything! Charly, who is 25, loves good conversations, movie nights, cooking and baking together and going out for dinner. Whatever they like to do, I’m up for it.

Q: Tell us about your new Baby and Kids Collection

When Pepper was born, I really didn’t want to harm her skin and all the existing kids’ products seemed to have inflammatory ingredients like essential oils and fragrances. I didn’t want to harm my baby’s body, so I created samples for Pepper. I started with five products, and my friends kept asking me for them, so I was making samples upon samples, until finally I decided to put the products it in proper packaging and make it part of the Dr. Barbara Sturm line. I even have friends who use the BABY & KIDS FACE CREAM and the BABY & KIDS BODY CREAM on themselves because of how gentle they are. They’re great for eczema, redness and any dryness. 

Why paternity leave benefits the whole family

What are the primary benefits of taking paternity leave?

As a new parent, it is likely that you have a fair number of challenges to undertake. This means getting yourself ready to face up against many things that are brand new to you – diapers, late nights, spit up!! If you are find yourself struggling, then you might wish to make the most of your
paternity leave

As a parent, you need and deserve time, support, and freedom to enjoy these crucial early days of parenting. With more and more parents – male and female – realizing the benefits of paternity leave – especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic when work is such a primary focus for so many – there is a requirement to fully understand the impact that paternity leave can have on your household.

In the past, parental leave was left to the mother while the father would spend time working, living as normal a life as can be. However, there are clear signs that paternity leave could be a huge benefit for both parents. By fathers taking on a more robust number of caregiving responsibilities in these key early months, the benefits extend far beyond avoiding burnout and high stress levels.

Most studies show that men who take paternity leave benefit massively from the break. While some worry it could be detrimental to their career futures, most have found it offers a better work-life balance whilst being able to help out more at home, strengthening relationships with both the child and mother.

Paternity leave isn't only beneficial to dads

It’s proven that paternity leave is beneficial in any family setting. 

There are a great number of benefits that can stem from both parents taking leave in those early months. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:

Better relationships at home

Having a child is a huge undertaking, and in the past, this would mean the mother takes on the brunt of the early childhood pressures, while fathers – or partners – would tend to still work, meaning they didn’t face the same challenges when arriving home. After work, the majority of the challenges in raising a baby are handled – the day is nearly over.

However, most studies point to fathers finding it universally positive to have more time to spend with both mother and child. They are more invested in those early days with the child, and thus they can feel the active impact that having a child has on their own life. This is very important as it helps both parents to feel the weight – and benefit – of responsibility.

Better mental health

The mental toll that can come with dealing with a newborn baby can be massive. From ensuring that postpartum care is made easier for the mother to helping out with the tasks needed to run the house, there is less of a toll taken on the body of the typical caregiver for the child.

Instead, with both parents at home and capable of handling the care that is required, there is a greater chance for tasks to be shared and the weight to be balanced. Both parents benefit from not trying to take on too much; now, one parent isn’t entirely focused on at-home care while the other is totally focused on bringing in money.

Instead, it allows the balance to be better shared so that both parents can feel like they are positively contributing.

Forming a family dymanic

A major mistake that stems from spending too much time working in those early months is the lost opportunity to form a lifelong bond. They might not even remember these moments clearly later in life, but those early moments of love, care, and attention from both parents can be essential for forming that loving, happy bond with both parents.

This allows for a more equal household role, yes, but more importantly it sets a clear dynamic that the child will be raised by both parents, not by one parent whilst the other works. This allows both parents to learn the key facts to raising a child as a duo, instead of one parent trying to work out everything on their own.

Setting the stage for the future

These key benefits also ensure that when the time comes for the child to mature and move on to preschool or childcare that they have a more seamless adjustment. When a child is used to being in a single-parent setting for most of early life, being put into a new situation can be very worrisome for a young mind.

Creating an environment where the child feels supported by multiple parental figures makes the transition to kindergarten and beyond a much easier experience. For parents who worry about having a symbiotic connection to their child that makes it hard to move on with key factors in life – such as attending school in early years – the ability to have both parents there to offer support actually reduces tension.

Now, with one parent not being tethered to the child whilst the other parent is less visible, it is much easier for both parents and children to have a more comfortable, less dependent relationship.

These factors matter a great deal when it comes to raising a child. Paternity leave is a huge part of helping ensure there is a strong support structure at home. Your job and career matters, but as a new parent you have just started the biggest, most rewarding job of your life!! Why miss out on those special beginning months of your new, unforgettable experience as a parent? Take paternity leave if you can!

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