Big and Tiny stands towards a child-centered curriculum that positions the child as an active participant and provides students with many options for exploring the environment.

We at Big and Tiny believe that experience is the best way to learn, and that a well-rounded education involves more than learning numbers, letters, and colors. We want to help your young child build a strong, holistic foundation for their lifetime of learning, one that is led by their own curiosity, self-confidence, and understanding of their personal passions and strengths.

Our educational philosophy


Our creative curriculum is founded upon psychologist Howard Gardner’s concept of multiple intelligences, the common belief that each child exhibits a distinctive profile of different abilities, or spectrum of intelligences —logical, musical, emotional or interpersonal, linguistic, natural, visual, physical, and intrapersonal. 

What does this mean for your little one? This means that the Big and Tiny will create an individualized educational program to further develop students’ skills. Intelligences are not fixed and therefore, they can be stimulated. An appropriate environment allows for opportunities to identify children’s areas of strengths, providing the opportunity for your child to exercise each particular intelligence they hold inside, granting them the confidence they deserve to grow about their lives.

At Big and Tiny we use Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to encourage critical thinking and teach language and social skills to the students as early as 2 years old.  Using art and other visual experiences and open-ended conversation, we create engaging and powerful learner-centered environments for young children while introducing them to the art world.

Program Objectives

  • Experiential learning and emphasis on learning by doing.
  • Integration problem solving and critical thinking.  
  • Collaborative learning and group discussions using Visual thinking strategy .
  • Open-ended activities focused on the process, not the outcome.
  • Focus on social responsibility and incorporation of community service.
  • Child-center education focused on individual’s personal goals and needs.
  • Emphasis on developing social skills.

Teacher's role

The teacher’s role is to guide students in ways they can actually learn based on most prominent intelligences. There is no “one size fits all” for classroom environment. Children are different and they need education that is responsive to their uniqueness. By developing an appropriate assessment, the teacher can plan the program according to each child’s needs. Our methodology allows students to gain deeper knowledge and apply their knowledge and skills in unfamiliar contexts. 

The Pillars of Big and Tiny

Children Focused
Because every child is unique and has individual needs and interests, the role of the teacher is to inspire and engage children by initiating conversation leading with new knowledge and ideas. We believe in a model for education which empowers learners to make informed decisions and be actively engaged in driving their own learning.

Family Focused 
Family plays a crucial role in a child’s development – and Big and Tiny is a place for families to come together. We encourage families be involved in their children’s learning experience, offering opportunities for you to engage with many of the activities your little one takes part in, as well as offering additional resources and workshops to continually reflect as a community on how we raise children in today’s world.

Experience Focused
At Big and Tiny we implement experience based approach to learning which enables teachers to guide children through in-depth studies of real world topics engaging them in meaningful and authentic learning experiences. We believe that children learn by making their own choices and correcting their own mistakes. 

Diversity Focused 
We at Big and Tiny understand that exposure to diverse voices is an integral part of developing a compassionate, tolerant, and well-rounded worldview. Several stories and discussions rooted in various cultures and traditions are incorporated in the curriculum.

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