Let your imagination soar!

Play is a fundamental part of social and intellectual development. At Big and Tiny children embark on a magnificent adventure where they encounter unlimited potential for exploration, discovery and creation.

Our creative space contains sensory rich features and purposefully selected toys to stimulate imaginative play. Babies can practice crawling in the soft padded area. Climb, swing, slide or jump into the ball pit. Explore our inspiring play house, perform in the stage, build at the tegu wall or paint at the art studio. And do it all, in costumes from the coolest dress box in town! The possibilities are limitless! (6months – 6 years.)

Price for 2 hour open play is  $18. Please note that the parent/guardian is responsible  and must remain with the kid  during play time. 

Open Play 5 pass: $80

Open Play 10 pass: $140

Capacity is limited and reservation is recommended.

Ascend to the top of the wall and speed down the slide! Indoor rock climbing is an engaging and fun way for kids to burn some energy and build confidence. Climbing requires concentration and discipline and improves flexibility, strength and coordination (Suitable for children two and up).

Take the plunge at the “ocean” of recyclable translucent balls! Jump, dive, float and emerge in the super fun pit of bubbles!

Lights, camera and action! What treasures does your imagination hold? A theatrical adventure with the coolest costume collection that embraces use of voice, movement and imagination. An ideal way to begin incorporating dramatic arts into storytelling.

In this exploratory area children receive hands-on introduction in the building arts. Designed especially for tiny architects we have all the materials ready for their next creation, including big  blocks, Tegu, Lego and MagFormers. Imagine building the tallest building in town with the hard hat, tool box and construction vest! (Suitable for all ages)

Adventure awaits at the library! Travel to far-away lands, visit castles, meet princesses, pirates and heroes. Discover our “quiet space” for reading, meditating or relaxing. Our library contains a wonderful array of books suitable for all ages.