At Big and Tiny we understand that every family has different ways of coping with this pandemic. Some are comfortable enrolling in off-site programs while others prefer to stay home. We are excited to offer an alternative with our In-Home educational program. Our trusted and credentialed educators will come to your home with all the materials needed to provide an enriching and fun educational experience for all ages and levels. 

About the Program

Led by our exceptional team of credentialed educators and specialists, we provide children the opportunity to engage in experiential learning. Our program will develop their critical thinking skills and provide a solid educational foundation for the years to come. We encourage children’s natural curiosity to wonder, think, play, question and connect with the world around them. By encouraging innovation at such young age, children are on a lifelong path of leadership and contribution towards our society. Activities include experimenting, combining new substances, building, collection and most importantly having lots of fun. 

How it works

  • Please fill out an inquiry form with your details
  • One of our team members will get back to you in order to schedule an in-home assessment 
  • We will finalize your schedule and process payment
  • An assigned credentialed educator will arrive with all materials and educational curriculum. Option to facilitate zoom classes, tutoring or complete homework. These classes are highly customizable!


  • 3Y+ up to 10Y
  • Pay month to month

Schedules and Pricing

Single Family Pods

Single family pods can be created with any number of students from the same family. Minimum 3 hours per session.

1 child = $50/hour
2 children = $35/hour 
3 children = $25/hour

Multi Family Pods

Multi family pods require 4 students minimum and must be at least 4 hours per session. These pods have access to Big and Tiny member rates.

Starting at $22/hour

After School Pods

After school pods are multi-family pods that require a minimum of 4 students and must be at least 2 hours/session.

1 child = $50/hour
2 children = $35/hour 
3 children = $25/hour

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