We at Big and Tiny believe that experience is the best way to learn, and that a well-rounded education involves more than learning numbers, letters, and colors. We want to help your young child build a strong, holistic foundation for their lifetime of learning, one that is led by their own curiosity, self-confidence, and understanding of their personal passions and strengths.

Program Objectives


Independence & autonomy. 

Building independence and autonomy allows your little one to create a sense of mastery over their body and their environment.  Fostering independence supports critical thinking, encourages intrinsic motivation and inspires confidence.       


Motor skills.

Fine and Gross motor skill development is important for a baby’s physical growth. Developing fine motor skills assist in building muscles that will be used for grabbing toys, using utensils and eventually holding a pencil. Developing gross motor skills will assist in building muscles that help with crawling, walking, head control, and balance. 


Language skills, communication & socialization.

Language development during the first 12 months of a baby’s life is an imperative part of their development. During these critical months a baby learns how to communicate, express, and understand their feelings. During the program we introduce baby signs and gestures in conjunction with spoken words with the intention of creating richer communication. Baby signs also helps reduce frustration involved in trying to interpret the child’s pre-verbal needs. 


Sensory stimulation.

Infants and toddlers learn about the world around them and other skills through their senses. Sensory play develops and stimulates a baby’s sense of touch, hearing, smell, taste, and sight. It is a great way for babies to create, investigate, and explore the world around them. This type of development aids in enhancing memory functioning and allows babies to learn important sensory attributes such as hot, cold, wet, sticky, dry, etc. 

Grow with purpose

Because infant learning is predicated on structure and routine, we at Big and Tiny have developed a structured yet open-ended approach to learning. Our goal is to lay a foundation that encourages learning and curiosity in all aspects of the world. At Big and Tiny, infants may nap and feed at any time. We have dedicated cribs with organic cotton sheets to maximize their comfort.


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