Big and Tiny Santa Monica
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Designed by Award Winning “Zooco Estudio”, our studio features a creative space for kids to play, an art studio designed to create, explore and experience themselves through art and a shared office space for parents to maximize their productivity. We are located 5 minutes from the beach and have a handy parking on the rear of the building.


Keep moving and climbing at the play structure, dig in the sand box and enjoy an outdoor picnic. 

Built for exploring art, we encourage little ones to tap into their imagination and start exploring with colour and textures. Science and sensory activities are also a huge part of our program, we touch every sense so they discover the world in a fun interactive way.

The perfect place for children to embark on a magnificent adventure where they encounter unlimited potential for exploration, discovery and creation. Babies swing or practice crawling in the soft padded area, while toddlers climb, slide or jump into the ball pit.

Make a business call in total privacy. With sound proof walls, you will be able to jump on any conference call without being bothered.

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