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Our mission at Big and Tiny is to provide a safe and nurturing space for kids to cultivate their creativity, explore with autonomy and build relationships. We empower children to think, question, investigate, explore and navigate the journey of learning.

We provide children ages 2 month to 6 years with the  cognitive, emotional, and physical foundations they will carry into adulthood. Our activities are always developmentally appropriate and center on experiential learning, creativity, and communication. We focus on helping children develop a sense of self and build up their self-esteem. We stand by the principles of collaborating, sharing and respecting each other.

We know finding the right fit in an early education childcare space is one of the most important decisions you will make. We’re here to support and guide you through this significant journey for both your family and child. Our team of accredited and exceptional educators is the core of Big and Tiny and the most valuable part of our program. Teachers possess a deep understanding of child development training methods, hold credentials in early childhood education, and above all, embody a deep-rooted passion for their jobs and kids.

At Big and Tiny, families are encouraged to take an active role in the education process. Constant communication between the families, educators, children, and our community are fundamental to creating a rich social environment for everyone involved.

Our ultimate goal is to offer the best quality education to ensure your child learns and grows in a nurturing and fun environment, setting the foundation for a lifelong love of education and success in life. We look forward to getting to know your family and welcome your ideas and suggestions along the way.

Our goals

Provide a meaningful learning experience for learners to thrive with a purpose.

Offer multicultural experiences by introducing children to different languages and cultures in a fun way

Encourage entrepreneurial thinking for children to freely explore, solve problems and make their own choices individually and in small group settings

Instill the importance of sustainability and respect for the environment

Grow in understanding and appreciation of their community and friends

Enjoy creative expression through music, art, cooking, gardening, movement, yoga and many others

Establish healthy habits, both physically and mentally

Develop gross motor skills along with body and space awareness

Feel confident, secure, respected and loved