Whether you need childcare for a couple of hours, a day, or a week, Big and Tiny offers you the flexibility that fits your schedule and family needs.

The program

Our on-demand enrichment program provides a dynamic range of opportunities for children to pursue creative, intellectual, physical, and social interests outside school. We offer diverse activities that encourage self-expression, discovery, and growth. Through hands-on activities including art, movement, music, languages and play, children widen their social horizons by working side-by-side with peers from various age groups.
Snacks and lunch from Little Spoon are available for purchase.

On-demand program

Let’s warm up – Arrival and check in – To start, we will get loose and relaxed with a fun exercise, such as a theatre, improv or music game. Student-artists are given the opportunity to introduce themselves and share something they like or that makes them happy.  Out of these open-ended introductory conversations, our educators begin understanding what the student-artists are interested in individually and collectively and can apply what is learned to personalizing the rest of the session. 

Let’s experiment! – Student-artists are presented with 3-5 age-appropriate Montessori-style art trays and encouraged to explore on their own, with generative prompts provided only when necessary.  Through providing choice and structured independence, student-artists will show educators to which expressive tools they are most drawn.  

Let’s Think! – Student-artists will be shown a painting (or a children’s book with illustrations) and will be encouraged to actively engage with the artwork through a series of open-ended questions that were developed and tested by cognitive scientists and museum educators over the past 30 years.  Through this process, student-artists will work collaboratively to cultivate visual thinking skills and develop the foundations for making evidence-based observations.

Let’s create! –This is where it all comes together.  Each student-artist will be provided with an individualized creative prompt based on their personal interests, needs and goals.  Our master teaching artist will provide scaffolded support throughout the artmaking process as necessary and encourage student-artists to challenge themselves by adding details and going deeper in their critical and creative thinking.  

Let’s reflect!  A crucial part of thinking and making is reflecting on the process afterwards.  Through opportunities to share and open-ended prompts, student-artists are provided with the space and support to reflect on the day’s work and consider how they might carry what they have learned into the future.  If student-artists return for multiple classes, information gleaned during the reflection can be used to more personally tailor individualized creative journeys.  

Passes & Memberships

On-demand Membership
20 hours/mo

10 x 2 hour enrichment classes 
included monthly. Reservations are necessary to hold your spot.

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10 Passes
20 hours

10 x 2 hour enrichment classes included. Reservations are necessary to hold your spot. Valid for 3 months.


20 Passes
40 hours

20 x 2 hour enrichment classes included. Reservations are necessary to hold your spot. Valid for 6 months

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