Our goal is for every child to reach their developmental milestones to prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond. Our educational curriculum is centered upon age appropriate lessons and activities to foster independence, socialization, communication and language skills, critical thinking, and physical movement. Led by our exceptional team of credentialed educators and specialists who will support every child’s individual needs in a nurturing and safe space. 

About the Program

We provide children the opportunity to engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning. Our program will develop their critical thinking skills and provide a solid educational foundation for the years to come. We encourage children’s natural curiosity to wonder, think, play, question and connect with the world around them. By encouraging innovation at such young age, children are on a lifelong path of leadership and contribution towards our society. Activities include experimenting, combining new substances, building, collection and most importantly having lots of fun.

Program Objectives (3-4y)

  • Math: Recognize numbers, counting items. Understand the relationship between a numeral and a set of objects. Understand such terms as big/little, more/less, etc. Recognize and name basic geometric shapes
  • Art: Provide opportunities for creativity and imagination. Develop small and large muscle skills as well as color concepts
  • Science: Encourage a child’s curiosity and develop respect for the natural environment and awareness of their bodies.
  • Music and movement: Promotes enjoyment and appreciation for music. Expresses freedom of movement and awareness of the body and space

  • Language: Vocabulary growth as well as develop listening skills and provide opportunities for following directions. Children will be introduced to Spanish through songs and games

  • Literacy: Teach the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.

Program Objectives (4-5Y)

  • Writing: Print correct letter shape, size, spacing, and smoothness. Express ideas in writing using emergent spelling and known sight words
  • Reading: Recognize letter-sound relationships, recognize grade-appropriate sight words and Identify and generate rhyming words
  • Math: Solve simple addition and subtraction problems. Recognize and print numerals 0-20 and Count by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100
  • Art: Identify basic colors, shapes and lines and use them in a composition. Use tools and materials appropriately and Demonstrate use of fine motor skills.
  • Science: physical, Earth, life and scientific principles of investigation and experimentation.
  • Music and movement: Promotes enjoyment and appreciation for music though exploration and familiarity with different musical instruments. Expresses freedom of movement and awareness of the body and space.
  • Languages: Children will be introduced to Spanish through songs, stories and games.