With an emphasis on social-emotional development and problem-solving skills, children engage in hands-on meaningful learning experiences that promote critical thinking, creative solutions, ingenuity and collaboration.

Experience based

We at Big and Tiny believe that children learn by making their own choices and correcting their own mistakes. Our goal is to make your child’s exploration of the world will be as immersive as possible engaging them in meaningful, authentic learning experiences. Our preschool program includes enriching experiences for your child such as community field trips, culinary classes, puppet shows, special guests, visits from artists, and more. 

The curriculum consists of the following:

  • Individualized focus on language, literacy and writing skills
  • Development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Early math readiness and creative problem solving
  • Hands-on science classes, including simple experiments and observing natural phenomena
  • Project-lead activities
  • Art and music classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Field trips
  • Wellness and Movement including yoga and PE
  • Mindfulness and emotional literacy

Preschool Program Schedule

+ Specialty classes may include different art mediums, cooking and more
+ Language and culture are offered throughout the program. Additional workshops are offered in the extended program
+ Snack and lunch times include discussions of food and nutrition as well as words in multiple languages.

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