We at Big and Tiny believe that experience is the best way to learn, and a well-rounded education involves more than learning just numbers, letters and colors. Our objective is to help your young child build a strong, holistic foundation for their lifetime of learning, one that is led by their own curiosity, their self-confidence and their understanding of their personal passions and strengths.   

Experienced based

We at Big and Tiny believe that children learn by making their own choices and correcting their own mistakes. Our goal is to make your child’s exploration of the world will be as immersive as possible engaging them in meaningful, authentic learning experiences. Our preschool program includes enriching experiences for your child such as community field trips, culinary classes, puppet shows, special guests, visits from artists, and more. 

Spanish Immersion Program

Beginning this fall we will be offering our preschool programs in both English and Spanish! We at Big and Tiny understand that exposure to diverse voices is an integral part of developing a compassionate, tolerant, and well-rounded worldview. For this reason we will be introducing our Immersion Spanish program, led by native Spanish-speaking educators who aside from the new curriculum will also incorporate stories and discussions rooted in various cultures and traditions. If you would like your preschooler to be a part of the Emerging Spanish program, please mention it when signing up for your membership!