You are safe with us

Safety Procedures

Through extensive research, planning, and preparation, we are taking every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of our members and your tiny ones, which has always been and continues to be our utmost priority. Here are the measures we are implementing at all of our locations:

New Screening Procedures Upon Arrival:

  • Including touch less thermometers to take everyone’s temperatures upon entry. And, all staff trained to perform health inspections. Clients will be sent home immediately at first signs of illness.

Limited Group & Class Sizes:

  • Classes now divided by age and each child assigned a specific group and time slot to create consistency. Same designated staff members and educators will be assigned to each group every day.
  • The older group, ages 3-5Y will consist of a maximum of 10 kids and 2 educators. The group may be split into 2 separate pods throughout the day according to age for specific activities.
  • The Baby Bootcamp group, ages 2M-18M will have a maximum of 8 kids with two educators. Toddler group, ages 18M-36M will have a maximum of 10 kids with two educators. These groups may be split into two separate pods throughout the day according to age and activities.
  • Each group will be designated to a specific area depending on the activity and rotated through the program. Spaces will be thoroughly disinfected after each and every group.
  • Areas within both locations will be divided to allow social distancing during lunch/snack time and certain activities.

Childcare Sign In:

  • On Demand services no longer allowed at either location. Clients must sign up ahead of time and adhere to assigned group time slots.

Cleanliness & Hygiene:

  • Staff, parents, and children required to thoroughly wash hands throughout the day and disinfect upon entry. Hand sanitizing stations provided. All toys, materials, and surfaces disinfected after every use. A deep clean of the premises performed every evening and additional cleaning throughout the day. Balls in the ball-pit have been removed.

Lunch & Snacks:

  • Clients are responsible for bringing in their own food and drinks for children. All items must be individually labeled and placed in their own-labeled bag. Same with formula and bottles for infants.

Social Distancing Strategy & Co-Working:

  • All clients must keep 6 feet distance from staff and other clients at all times. Visual guidelines such as floor stickers provided to keep safe 6 feet distance.

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