Our Mission

Our mission is to help families find a work-life balance by providing education, co-working and community through interactive spaces for the big and the tiny. 

Having a family is awesome! But, of course, we all have one of THOSE days… Days when we realize our favorite pre-family hangouts (hotels, clubs, restaurants) are not as kid-friendly as we wish. Have you ever experienced a “melt-down” at one of your old go-to spots? We have, and it’s not fun! If we’re being honest, most of the kid-friendly spaces out there are not places we ever envisioned spending our time.

This is how the idea of Big and Tiny was born; out of the need for a cool spot for both kids and adults to enjoy. A place where families can grow in every aspect of their lives. A space to learn, share a meaningful conversation over a cup of coffee, make new friends or get some serious work done while your children are not only being cared for by professionals, but also engaged in learning.