The first integrated learn, work and play space
On demand care designed to your family's needs
Bespoke enrichment classes and educational activities for your child while you work, take a break or connect with other like-minded parents
Balance family, work and creativity

First On-Demand co-working and learning center that fosters productivity, creativity and flexibility 

Honestly, stop searching for a spot where your kiddo can play, learn and be her/his wild self while you catch up on work. Yeah that utopia exists and Its right here in Santa Monica. Its clean, has a beautiful design, staff is nurturing and fun and…there is a dedicated space for parents where they can  work or hang out. – Aaron L.

I had my daughters 4th birthday party at Big and Tiny and it was spectacular!  It was by far the best birthday party we have had for any of our kids.  Keltse and her team were incredible and made coordinating/planning the party so easy.   They took care of every detail, which enabled us to really enjoy the party and mix and mingle with all the guests.  My daughter and her friends had had a blast.  If you are looking for a bespoke party, in a great and clean location, with wonderful staff – then I highly recommend Big and Tiny. – Elizabeth Koraca

This place is everything I’ve ever dreamed of as a working entrepreneurial mom. Its almost imposible to get work done at home with a 3 month old and a 22 month old. My older one really needs to be nurtured and active and to learn more, but is a little young for pre-school. I now have the opportunity to leave my little one at home with the nanny and bring my big girl here. She absolutely loves it and with my co-working membership I can get a lot of work done while she feels comforted that I am next door. I’ve noticed how much she is learning and how excited she is every day of the week we go to Big and Tiny. – Emily S

FINALLY- A place where kids can play, explore, learn with the options for parents to step away and do a little work. This place is so brilliant and I am so excited to sign my kid up for fall. Big and Tiny is basically a really well designed indoor playground with some awesome enrichment programs for the kiddos. They also offer many benefits to the parents like working desks in the back. A little slice of heaven located in Santa Monica. Big fan. Lauren S.

Finally a place for kids AND parents! The design is beautiful, the colors are calm and the selection of toys curated and thoughtful. My daughter had a blast and my partner and I had time to network with other parents. We come for open play but I plan to come back and work. A place to go and repeat! – Alicia R.

9:00 AM.  –  5:00 PM.
SAT  –  SUN: 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM

Saturday 10/20: 9am-1pm

Sunday 10/21: 12pm-2pm

Call to check our weekend schedule for private events

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